Favorite Hiking Trails of Derrick Pedranti

Derrick Pedranti and Hiking - hiking on a rock

Since I was young I have always enjoyed exploring. Whenever my family was close to a mountain while traveling on vacation I've always wanted to climb it. This feeling and desire to explore the environment has always been in me. This website offers Derrick Pedranti's recommendations for hiking trails.

So naturally hiking has been a favorite activity of mine throughout my life. I used to go on long hikes with my trusty beagle through the beautiful oasis known as Indian Canyons in Palm Spings. I've also walked and sometimes climbed through the forest and often rocky terrain of Idyllwild, California, or Great Falls, Virginia.

Though I have less free time now I still go on an occasional hike with my family. It's great exercise and also a nice way to escape the daily hustle of life.

There's a certain sense of peace and connection with the natural world when you're exploring the great outdoors. It's a great place to get refreshed and recharge your emotional batteries.

My three favorite places to hike are Indian Canyons, Idyllwild and Great Falls. Please explore this website to learn a bit more about these special places.


Derrick Pedranti