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Favorite Hiking Trail of Derrick Pedranti

I have a lot of great memories of Idyllwild — specifically with my deal old beagle. He has since passed but some of the most treasured memories are of going with hikes with him in Idyllwild.

We would drive up there to a particular hiking trail that was a bit challenging. Much of this trail had a steep incline and it could be rocky. Also you could feel a bit lightheaded at times since the air was thinner due to the elevation. But the reward at the top was amazing. If you went up far enough you could see for miles and miles below. At one point you can see the dense green forest on one side and the beautiful desert of Palm Springs on the other. It was breathtaking.

After our hikes we visited the town of Idyllwild. They actually had a few decent restaurants among them a Mexican place. There's nothing like sitting out on the patio with your best buddy, enjoying some good Mexican food and an ice cold Sharps nonalcoholic beer, especially after an arduous hike. This mountain town also has some local shops even a small movie theater.

If you do take on one of the many trails of Idyllwild, please be careful. Hazards can include severe weather, rocks, high altitude, and even wild animals. Some hikers and climbers get hurt, even die every year. It's important to research the trials in advance, plan your trip to account for weather and the time of day, and make sure you are physically able to do it.

Please consider visiting Idyllwild if you are ever in the Southern California area.


Derrick Pedranti

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